The Evolution of Leadership

A new kind of leadership is needed to navigate the uncertainties of future scenarios, and organisations need new mindsets and tools to uncover this leadership talent, to empower it and to make it flourish.

AVA is a Talent Acceleration Platform

A virtual environment for talent assessment and development to sustain the evolution of leadership at the rate of speed that is required today.

Aware of Global Challenges

A mindset shift from ego to eco: the awareness that everything is interconnected, and a habit of seeing things from multiple perspectives.

Agile and Virtual

From idea to action in an instant, working within interdisciplinary teams, removing the barriers to collaboration, beyond time and space constraints.


Increasing diversity in all its forms, ensuring fairness, access, and opportunity for all people, creating environments where everyone feels respected, supported, and valued.

What AVA is


  • Meaningful Talent Conversations

    AVA sparks an open, honest dialogue and purposeful exchanges about talent management and development between all parties involved. AVA sets a common, fact-based language, focuses on what matters most, tells you what you need to hear, and paves the way to action.

  • Bias-Free

    AVA offers science-based data and global benchmarks while considering local perspectives, in order to create inclusive and diverse working environments. Leveraging on the proven validity of Hogan tools, AVA helps eliminate any potential bias and discrimination from talent assessment.

  • Seamlessly virtual

    AVA provides an immersive and engaging experience that perfectly mirrors the new “phygital” life of the pandemic world. It integrates technologies that empower all actors that need to collaborate in the process. From scheduling to performing and tracking activities, once you enter the platform, you never need to leave it.

  • Customizable

    All AVA components are modular and fully configurable via the back-end of the platform to accommodate specific needs; from defining competency frameworks to fit profiles, to individual reports and data visualisations. Unless you prefer to rely on global, “state-of-the-art” models to benchmark your talent and focus your efforts on what creates the highest impact.

AVA Unlocks Opportunities for

  • HR Leaders

    AVA provides HR professionals with both helicopter views and high-resolution data to ensure that people strategies are aligned to organisational transformations, redeploy talent at speed, funnel resources to high demand areas, and future-proof the organisation’s workforce.

  • C-Level Executive

    The new war for talent is high on C-Level Executive’s agenda. They can compare the talent of the organisation with global and industry benchmarks to stay ahead of the competition and have a clear map to mobilise leaders fast across the organisation. AVA gives them exactly the talent insights they require, in the way and the timeframe they need.

  • Managers

    Managers can leverage on key information about employees’ career aspirations, past experiences and skills, to quickly cover positions and build ideal teams for projects. AVA gives them a clear line of sight on the development trajectory of team members, to keep them engaged and unleash their potential.

  • Employees

    AVA offers a momentous experience to participants, which helps them build strong self-awareness and engages them in taking an active role in their career and development. The quality of insights and resources available empowers them and allows the shift from a “fixed” to a “growth” mindset.

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